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Product Supply2

The Product Supply competence center manages and carries out the pinpointed performance of all commercial manufacturing. Thanks to robust and stable manufacturing processes, a multi-level planning process, and flexible response capacity to a variety of different market requirements, Rottendorf attains optimal capacity planning and delivers precisely on time.


Best-in-Class On-Time Delivery

Supply Chain Management is the key element within the product-supply pillar because it functions as the connecting and synchronizing element between Bulk Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Packaging.

Our Rottendorf Supply Chain Management group operates based on a holistic, advanced, 3-stage planning process from rough-cut planning down to detailed daily planning throughout the business. Through this highly integrated process best-in-class on-time delivery is ensured.

Communication with our customers always takes place in a proactive and customer-oriented manner.

We understand the market demands and requirements of our customers and match an applicable supply-chain strategy to those demands and requirements. This maximizes the customer's benefits while minimizing oversight requirements.

Within daily business, we are aware of the detailed status of our orders and the customer’s requirements at any point in time. We continuously identify the potential for improvement in the planning processes and proactively make suggestions for their implementation. By continuously developing our processes, planning models and staff, we always provide our customers with the best service possible.

Dr. Silke Huster
Executive Officer


Best-in-Class On-Time Delivery

We deliver with absolute adherence to deadlines - no exceptions.


High Level of Customer Orientation

We understand the needs and final goals of our customers and implement integral solutions that meet or exceed expectations.


Intelligent Solutions

We identify potentials for improvement and proactively make suggestions for their implementation.

"We understand the market demands and requirements of our customers and match the applicable supply chain strategy against. This maximizes the customers' benefits while minimizing oversight requirements."

Dr. Silke Huster


You benefit from our process-time adherence

Rottendorf has more than 90 years of experience in solid dosage forms. Within our portfolio, we master many different dosage forms in the bulk manufacturing area and successfully manage countless different SKUs in the packaging area.

Rottendorf Pharma’s facilities are inspected by FDA, EMA, ANVISA, and others. Within our bulk manufacturing area, we handle commercial batches up to 750 kg. However, small scale commercial batches from 2 kg to 150 kg are manufactured within our development center, which is also fully FDA approved and GMP compliant.

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Process Time Adherence

Process Time Adherence within product manufacturing is mandatory to ensure best-in-class on-time delivery. Rottendorf has implemented its internal KPI equivalent to OAE which is measured on each individual process performed on the shop floor level.


"Bulk manufacturing and packaging process excellence groups have been implemented to ensure robust manufacturing and packaging processes."

Head of Tabletting / Coating
Special Expertise

Rottendorf employs highly experienced technicians and technical managers. The average Rottendorf employee has been with the company 11 years, with many in the manufacturing division staying with the company much longer. Embedded into our Rottendorf academy, all operators are trained to achieve the best results for our customers by not just manufacturing but mastering the products. In addition, bulk manufacturing and packaging process excellence groups have been implemented to ensure robust manufacturing and packaging processes.

The average employee

has been with the company 11 years, with many in the manufacturing division staying much longer

Focus on Quality

Deviation-free manufacturing is the key element for robust manufacturing. Deviations are identified in the market as being one of the most common reasons for interruptions of the supply chain, therefore we put absolute focus on deviation-free manufacturing. Quality and GMP managers on the shop floor ensure the highest quality standards.

Our goal is consistent manufacturing

that leads to on-time delivery

The Highest Level of
Technological Expertise

State of the Art


Product Manufacturing



  • Bohle Free Fall Blender (20-2000 Liter; max. 1000kg)
  • Lödige High Shear Mixer (20, 130, 300, 1200 Liter; max. 500kg)


Product Manufacturing

Compression Encapsulation


  • Compression: Kilian Synthesis 500, T300, S250 multilayer tablets, T400, S250 ZS-M
  • Encapsulation: Bosch GKF 1400, GKF 1500, Bosch Checkweigher


Product Manufacturing



  • Fluid Bed Granulation: Glatt GPCG (100-300kg)
  • High Shear Granulation: Diosna Vacuum P10, P 25, P100, P250, P600 (5-300kg), Diosna VAC 600
  • Roller Compaction: Gerteis Roller Compactor
  • Pelletization: Diosna P 600 (max. 615 Liter), Nica Extruder E220 (50-100kg/h), Nica Spheronizer S700


Product Manufacturing

Film-coating and Sugarcoating


  • Filmcoating: Driam Driacoater, Lödige Coater (80-500kg), Bohle BFC 600 Coater (450-750kg)
  • Sugarcoating: Brucks Vessels 120 & 250 (80-2700kg)
  • Pelletcoating: Aeromatik MP 3/4


Product Manufacturing



  • Blister: IMA, Uhlmann - PVC, PVC/PVDC, Triplex, Aclar, PP, Alu/Alu
  • Bottles: Uhlmann IBC 120 - HDPE-bottles, glass-bottles
  • Alu-Wrap® equipment
  • Optima Granule Filling


Product Manufacturing

High Containment


  • Dedicated manufacturing suite
  • Dispensing
  • Blending: Bohle Containersystem (max. 400 Liter)
  • Granulation: Diosna 250 Tray Drying
  • Compression

"We are proud of our high-tech machines. In addition to our service concepts, we offer you the standard industrial technology you need for efficient manufacturing at commercial quantities up to 750 kg."

Quality Control

We adhere to the highest quality standards

Rottendorf Pharma provides all the analytical capabilities you need for outsourced manufacturing and development of solid oral dosage forms. To fulfill our commitment as a full-service contract development and manufacturing organization, Rottendorf supports a large analytical department staffed with experts to meet your needs for outsourced:


  • Release analysis of finished products
  • Development of new analytical methods
  • Analytics supporting development
  • Optimization of existing analytical methods
  • Validation of new and existing methods
  • Transfer of analytical methods
  • Performance of stability studies
  • Analysis of stability studies


Using a high level of customer orientation

Operational excellence is a central corporate initiative intended to strengthen Rottendorf's professional capability in the long-term, to achieve sustainable, long-term customer relationships, and to become a recognized partner for innovative solutions in the contract manufacture of pharmaceuticals. To attain this objective, we use the following approaches:

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“We always look at our system from two perspectives: from the customer’s perspective, whose wishes are to be satisfied to the best possible extent as regards capacity, individuality, quality and from our perspective so as to ensure that we can work profitably and succeed at improving our competitive position.”


Guaranteeing commercial success. Constant competence development is part of our self-image and crucial for success. Our successfully implemented OE strategy means a long-term investment in both employees and sustainability. All processes, systems, and structures are scrutinized to assess their benefits, resulting in the termination of stagnant processes and the initiation of dynamic processes. Using Lean Six Sigma instruments, we strengthen our corporate strategy. As a result, customer requirements can be satisfied in a highly efficient manner. With OE, we consistently work toward our high-standard aspirations as a service provider and a partner, allowing us to generate a competitive advantage for our customers on the market.

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