Our Profile

Rottendorf Pharma is much more than a contract manufacturer for solid dosage forms. Having a unique company structure and operating under the philosophy of the Total Process Ownership (TPO) service concept as well as under the Total Technological Mastering (TTM) technology expertise concept, Rottendorf became the CDMO with one of the strongest customer alignment in the market and creates significant added value for our customers. Rottendorf neither have own product brands in the market nor is holding any product licenses, and therefore is never in competition with our clients.



Most customers oriented CDMO

Rottendorf Pharma’s vision is to be known in the global solid dosage CDMO market as the most customer-oriented CDMO for solid dosage forms through the Total Process Ownership service concept combined with the highest competency in pharmaceutical technology (Total Technological Mastering (TTM)) and best in class On Time Delivery. As such, Rottendorf becomes the business partner of choice.


Competitive Advantages

Andreas Rottendorf has formed a unique company structure that ensures long term sustainability and total independence of the company and therefore giving significant advantages to the company’s clients.

The majority shareholder, the Rottendorf foundation, only has minority voting rights while the 3 minority shareholders have majority voting rights. All bound by the by-laws that Andreas Rottendorf has put in place.


Rottendorf Pharma delivers an innovative service approach: TPO means, Rottendorf is a thinking partner and assumes ownership on given tasks that our customers achieve their final goals. Therefore we are minimizing the customer’s oversight requirements and interfaces.


Rottendorf Pharma owns the highest competency in pharmaceutical technology. Applying our TTM philosophy we eliminate customer’s needs to provide expertise on product technology and technical operations.


Rottendorf Pharma guarantees best in class On Time Delivery creating a robust and efficient supply chain, which is achieved by reliable and stable production processing times, advanced supply chain planning processes and deviation free manufacturing, enabling Right First Time.


"To become the #1 CDMO of choice, we at Rottendorf Pharma work very hard to reduce the total costs of outsourcing for our customers while setting product quality in the center of our attention. To achieve that it is our job to minimize our customers oversight requirements as well as providing all technical skills required to master the product and ist manufacturing process. To do so we developed our unique Total Process Ownership (TPO) service model along with our focus on pharmaceutical expertise by applying our Total Technological Mastering (TTM) approach. All of this is anchored in our corporate culture, so as to assume a leading position in our business segment."

Dr. Stephan Fleck / Executive Officer rottendorf pharma

Code Of Conduct

Defining how we do business

Rottendorf’s Code of Conduct states the expectations Rottendorf has as an employer towards employees and sets forth the standards for our business behavior. All employees must comply with our Code of Conduct, regardless of the nature of their work. Rottendorf’s Code of Conduct contains guidance in the areas of products and services, personal integrity, corporate integrity, employment, company assets, responsible business, and comprehensive compliance management. It also provides examples and information on where to find more detailed guidance on the various topics. Rottendorf’s employees are encouraged to seek help and advice whenever in doubt about the correct business behavior and to speak up in case of a compliance concern or suspected violation of the Code of Conduct.

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